Fear x Fashion

By Fernandes, B.Sc., RCCH

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor Hypnotherapist and Educator with CACHE– The Canadian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Educators.

I appreciate you taking the time to find out about VitalCore Clinical Hypnotherapy, my services and for considering working with me. My primary concern is always meeting the specific goals of my Clients.

I am told by many Clients that I have an incredibly calm manner and soothing voice in and out of hypnosis. I am very passionate and enthusiastic about helping people through their conditions that I can easily go in hypnosis with the client and subconsciously talk to each other.

My Goal is to help my Clients to leverage unused resources within their subconscious mind through hypnotherapy in order to help them better manage their concerns more effectively towards their original goals.


Edmir Fernandes, B.Sc., Biomedicine, RCCH