Contact VitalCore

Please browse my website for better informed decisions. Please Text Me at 250.217.2417 for setting up a time for you.

We can meet each other in person respecting the social distancing during Covid-19 pandemic. VitalCore would provide you with medical grade mask and hand sanitizers as needed.

A good option is to see you online through Skype or Duo in case you feel unable to be in person. I also make myself available to outreach you. Home visits are paid time.

It is important that during Covid-19 pandemic that we all be safe and follow of our local health authority.

Appointments are secured to help you find out more about yourself; thus, I ask please for your commitment so I can accommodate other clients as well. The sessions are client-centered. This means you can choose to explore your own approach to therapy and reach Your goals.

You may cancel your appointment preferably 24-hour notice. I may also need to reschedule your time if priorities arise on my way.

I would ask about 3 appointments with you for your most relevant needs; however, you may have as many appointments as needed or desired.

So it is a great opportunity for you to get to know and appreciate hypnotherapy at VitalCore as a very important treatment that is not offered by Medical Service Plans or Insurance Companies. However, it seems the wheels are in motion for future endeavours.

RRapport is fundamental in our relationship. By establishing rapport in the first visit, the level of trust and confidence increases favourably towards our goals.

Consent Form: There is a simple consent form for you to sign. You may print a copy for you or fill one in the office.

Initial Intake: There is an intake for your main issue and related ones. Intakes can take from 30 to 60 min depending on the complexity of the issues or concerns presented.

Your Feeling, Thoughts, Emotions and Vulnerability: Please feel comfortable to tell me about your feelings. I see vulnerability as strength and encourage you to discuss that with me.

Proxemics is basically the distance you need for your comfort level. Please let me know your preferences.

If distance is not a concern for you; then I would be seating close enough so you can hear my voice. The hypnotherapists in general have their natural voices and their hypnotic voices; which are generally lower in tone/pitch and slow in speech to help in the induction and deepening process.

The sessions are client-centered. This means you can choose to explore your own approach to therapy and reach Your goals.