How Does It Work?

In order to prepare yourself for your Hypnotherapy Session.

  • Please think of your main issue or concern and things related to it. Also, please think of your goal(s) as I will be using your words the way you like to communicate to your subconscious mind when in hypnosis. I can help you during the intake if you are unsure of your goals.
  • Also, please reflect carefully about yourself; your personality type. Basically, according to Kappas Suggestibility Chart there are two distinct types of personality which are as follows: Analytical, emotional, maternal, and indirect with suggestions, so permission is important to you. The Analytical likes a progressive relaxation. On the other hand, the non-analytical (physical) type is paternal, direct, and very adaptive to direct suggestions.
  • The physical likes to go in hypnosis instantly with short inductions. In summary, the most important overall is to help the clients access their internal processes and resources to help them resolve whatever they are working on.